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Dorland's Wax Media - 4oz

Dorland's Wax Media - 4oz

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Dorland's Wax Medium is a translucent, non-yellowing mixture of resin and pure beeswax. It can be mixed with oil paint, powdered pigments, powdered metals, coloured sands, dyes and other compatible fine art materials. It can be used as a medium, a pigment binder, a glaze, and a protecting varnish.

It is excellent for strengthening oil paint film against shrinkage and cracking while sealing out dirt, air, and moisture. It is also suitable for encaustic painting, cold wax painting and mixed media. It can also be used as a protective coating for paintings, wood, plastic, metal projects, or photos.

Dorland's improves the luminosity and clarity of colours and should be mixed directly with the colour before applying it to the painting. It adds translucency to oil paints, making them more brilliant. It is also popularly used as a final coat on dry paintings, metal sculpture, wood carvings, and antiques. Since it is made with pure beeswax, it is an authentic final treatment for fine wooden furniture and woodwork - both antique and modern.

It can be buffed to a gloss finish, and thins with turpentine or mineral spirits.

Wax Composition: Beeswax, Paraffin, Microcrystalline.

Note: Dorland's is liquid at about 75 degrees F - they don't recommend heating it beyond this point. It is not recommended for hot wax painting because of the possibility of fire and the release of toxic fumes when the solvent is heated. Because it contains solvents you should use a double boiler or appliance specifically for melting wax type products for heating. Good ventilation is recommended.